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GAB Radio Network (GAB Radio, LLC), a subsidiary of Pollack Companies, is headquartered in the Chicago area (Evanston, IL) and housed in the same studio complex as sister radio station 1590 WCGO, a 10,000 watt station covering the Chicago market.  GAB is a services provider to the radio syndication community offering top quality technical operations services and satellite distribution for talk radio programs across the country. 

Founded in 2000 as Global American Broadcasting, GAB was acquired by Kovas Communications of Indiana, Inc. in 2015 and moved to its studio complex in Evanston, IL. GAB Radio was acquired by Pollack Companies of Memphis, Tennessee in 2017 as part of its strategic acquisition of Chicago's WCGO Radio, Elgin's WRMN and Aurora's WBIG to expand its presence into the national syndication and audio production arena.  Known internationally as the GAB Radio Network, the company has become a leading expert in live radio program production and distribution for both terrestrial and digital platforms.

GAB established an exclusive strategic alliance with Envision Networks in 2018, a leading Network Sales and Affiliate Relations firm based in Cleveland, Ohio.  GAB continues to develop compelling terrestrial content for the national and international syndication arena, as well as new, innovative and impactful public, private and custom podcast production and distribution through it multiple distribution platforms.

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Our Mission

To provide the best quality radio program and audio technical services


Our Values

Our values guide the way we work with our program partners, clients, and with each other. 

Through integrity, accountability, passion, humility, and a focus on providing the best audio technical and distribution services possible, we nurture a company philosophy where ideas are born and grow.


Our Solution

Whether you are looking for top quality technical radio program board operating services or XDS satellite distribution of programming to the radio stations across the U.S.A., GAB offers knowledgeable and experienced technical operators and seasoned broadcast professional to guide you on your journey. Our fully loaded studios and experienced technicians are able to meet the most challenging terrestrial and/or digital audio requirements. Utilizing best-practices within the broadcasting community, we can technically produce and distribute your program within the same standards and quality level as top syndicated programs and major networks.