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Q) I'm interested in developing my own radio program. How can you help?

A) GAB Radio is one of the premiere radio production companies in the U.S. and can assist you in all aspects of your radio program including clock development, production elements, full show production and distribution of your program either via satellite or internet for the end user(s). Your GAB specialist can help guide you through the entire process, regardless of your level of experience and expertise.

Q) I have an internet radio show that I'd like to get into syndication on radio stations. Is this something you can help me with?

A) Yes. The GAB Radio studios provide multi-outlet distribution, including satellite (via the "radio satellite" AMC-18 and accessible through the industry standard XDS system), codec (broadcast quality internet distribution) and ISDN.

Q) What equipment do I need to have you produce my show?

A) Today's technology allows for multiple and low-cost methods of direct connection to the GAB Studios from wherever you happen to be located . . . and our technicians are expert audio and production engineers. Today's home and business internet connections are typically of sufficient bandwidth to provide a reliable audio feed connection to the GAB studios. The greatest reliability is done with a Comrex Access, BRIC or other type of codec broadcast quality equipment providing a direct link to the GAB studios. Today, a high-quality USB microphone, headphones, a small mixer and reliable "send" unit are all that you need...which will cost about $350 for a complete package, utilizing LuciLive Lite as the send software. A more advanced setup utilizing a more traditional codec system can be put together for anywhere from $1500 to $4000, depending upon the sophistication level of service. There is very little difference in audio quality; and, depending on whether your show is designed for AM or FM clearance, it's our recommendation to start with the basic package and expand as your show grows.

Q) How much does it cost to have you produce my show?

A) There are a number of variables we need to know to better answer that question, including show length (1 hour or more?) and frequency (is it a daily or weekly show?), final distribution of the show (satellite to terrestrial stations, internet broadcast only, both, inclusion in one of the GAB Radio Networks, repurposing of the show (i.e. live broadcast then repurposed to your website for podcast) and other such things. Contact GAB Radio for a complete and exact quote.

Q) How can I hear examples of your production capabilities?

A) Click this link https://www.gabradionetwork.com then click on any of the program icons for an on-demand test listen of our work. Or, if you prefer, contact GAB Radio and we'll be happy to email you links to a variety of programs that we produce.

Q) I've never done a radio broadcast before, but I think I've got a great idea for a show. I just don't know how to put it all together. Is this something you can help me with?

A) Absolutely! GAB Radio is a full-service production and distribution company. We work with long-established radio programs that are syndicated across hundreds of markets; and, the brand-new radio show hosted by a novice. We know what is necessary to make a successful radio show from concept to post-production. We can also help you determine the best methods of distribution based on your objectives, and can also assist in the syndication side with strategic assistance in how to go about marketing and clearing your program.

Q) I have a radio show that is produced and distributed by another company, but I'm not real happy with the quality and success of the show. Can you help me make it better?

A) We'd have to take a listen and see how the show sounds. GAB Radio utilizes state-of-the-art production and distribution equipment, so chances are that if your program is being produced with sub-par equipment, you're losing significant audio quality that your listeners can hear. Poor audio quality is unacceptable and neither you nor your listeners should put up with it! If your program is in syndication, the clearing station(s) HAVE to have great audio coming in to help make their station sound the best that it can. GAB Radio works side-by-side with hundreds of radio stations to ensure that our outbound quality is unparalleled. As the old saying goes, "Bad in...bad out. Good in...good out!" GAB Radio will not settle for inferior audio quality, and cost has nothing to do with producing excellent broadcast audio. Time, experience, equipment and attention to detail are the key components that make GAB Radio a top-tier production and distribution company. Give us a call so we can discuss your concerns with your existing production company.

Q) As I consider taking the next step, how do I monetize my radio show...commercial sales, sponsors, underwriters? I'm not sure how that all works and it's a bit overwhelming to figure out.

A) Most independent radio shows are backed by a business; or, are spawned from a business' desire to grow by communicating their services via a radio show. However, if you're just creating your business model now is the time to consider how to maximize the revenue. Your show will include commercial breaks for traditional commercial sales, which can be utilized for local commercial sales, sponsorship identifications and underwriter messages. Contact GAB Radio so that we can help you make a full determination on this critical component!