Have you ever wondered what’s behind the story that is being presented to you?
Have you ever thought that maybe some people are paid to write stories that produce fear or panic in order to control you?
Do you sometimes wonder if this world is really real?
Does the world seem like it’s changing and you’re not okay with it?
Are you losing trust in the media and those telling us what’s happening in the world today?
Have you ever wondered why those in charge have such deep pockets and big secrets?
If you agree with any of this;
Deep Waters Radio is for you.


Author and lecturer Ronnie McMullen has been an on-air personality for over eleven years.  He has always picked subjects that are not necessarily covered by mainstream media. Ronnie brings a magnetic energy and a devoted passion to his listeners each week as he takes you through the theater of life.  He focuses on how we can navigate through this negative-themed world that is obsessed with things rather than ideals. Ronnie brings a diverse group of guests to the table that brings forth truths to a sleeping society that is waking up.
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