Executive Leaders Radio, Fridays, 7:00PM to 8:00PM EST, is the top business program in the Mid-Atlantic. Co-founded by entrepreneur Herb Cohen, who helped create University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Entreprenuerial Network and the Center for the Advancement of Study of Entrepreneurship at Temple University.  This exciting program features leading corporate executives sharring their real-life stories and insights on starting and running a successful business.  Over 8,000 interviews with CEO's - whose businesses run from $10 million to $16 billion - have aired to date, with 700 added each year.  

HerbHerb Cohen, host and co-founder of Executive Leaders Radio, has a recognized gift for connecting with CEOs, which helps explain the program’s success. As a co-host, he meets more than 900 CEOs each year running business with revenues ranging from  $10 million to $16 billion. A down-to-earth host, Cohen has fine-tuned the art of connecting CEO’s life stories with their successes, a key ingredient with helping listeners relate and appreciate them as potential role models. With his huge contact base, he also introduces mutually beneficial opportunities among C-level executives, students and young business professionals. An active entrepreneur in his own right since the age of 19, Cohen has co-founded several small-businesses and organizations including, QuiqMeds, Pennsylvania Private Investors Group, The Pros Video and The Pros Entertainers.  His academic innovations include co-founding the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Entrepreneurial Network, Fairleigh Dickinson Entrepreneurial Center, and the Center for the Advancement of Study of Entrepreneurship at Temple University.
Monday-Friday 7:00pm-8:00pm ET | Stand alone hours | Distribution GAB2 XDS
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