dtdFrom Diapers to It Depends, every Thursday at 6pm EST,  What makes this show different than the others you hear on the weekends?

They're nothing more than commercials or infomercials to sell annuities and often life insurance. And, while the information can be mostly accurate and of value, there is often something missing from the equation and that is how does it fit you. Products are just tools for financial planning, but how you use that tool can make all the difference in the world.
Our goal on From diapers to it depends, is not to sell you, but to help you.  To really take and answer your questions on most anything financial, not simply provide a boring infomercial. We do want to hear from you live. Call in, at 844305 7800 to talk to Robert directly!
Robert Photo shopRobert Goldsmith has been a "multi-conceptual" financial professional since 1982, employing unconventional methods to help you get the most out of your hard-earned dollars. A Best-Selling author, a sought-after speaker, coach & mentor, Robert continues his work with consumers as he coaches financial advisors all across the country. On his unscripted talk radio program "From Diapers to It Depends," Robert shares stories of triumph and turmoil as he reveals the strategies that can make a huge difference your life, as you avoid costly mistakes people make due to misinformation.

Thriving in an industry where most fail & always wearing his heart on his sleeve, Robert is a compassionate professional that loves helping others succeed. Add in, his desire to make people laugh (yes, he also performs stand-up) to enjoy life wherever they may be, and what you have is an "enter-training" personality who can be the difference in the life you'll lead, physically, emotionally & financially.

Having appeared on affiliates of CNN, FOX, ABC and featured several times in The Los Angeles Daily News, CBS Talk Radio and on Cable Television, you can listen, learn & ask questions of Robert each week on his ground breaking Show, "From Diapers to It Depends," (simulcast on Facebook like) which happens to be the title of his soon to be released book on Financial planning. You can learn more about Robert at his websites Financial411.Net as well as, TheEnterTrainer.Net


Thursdays 6pm ET | Listen Live on GabRadioNetwork.com
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