dfrench micNews For You - A daily 5-minute feature, Monday through Friday, presenting Daniel French's own unique spin on national and world news, featuring up-to-the-minute headlines, commentary, human interest stories and humor. "News For You" leaves listeners informed, enlightened, and entertained, delivered in French's signature style.

An on-air radio veteran of more than 20 years, there is little Daniel French hasn't done in his broadcast career; from his days in New Orleans and Missippi as a show host, as well as producing The Mancow Show and The Milt Rosenberg Show in Chicago. to hosting French & Friends on Chicago's SmartTalk, 1590 WCGO, French is a radio troubador.

Currently, French can be heard as the weekday afternoon host of Chicago's French & Friends on 1590 WCGO, Chicago's SmartTalk. Additionally, he serves as Producer of myriad radio productions for national distribution, podcasts and streaming audio ventures.  Daniel lives in Chicago with his wife and son, is an avid soccer player and fan, baseball coach and an activist in anything designed to help make the campsite a better place.  

News For You is currently cleared in over 40 U.S markets and is available for exclusive clearance in your market as a stand-alone, fresh and revenue-oriented news feature on your station! Available via the Westwood One XDS Satellite system or ftp download for daily 6:00AM to 7:00PM clearance.

For more info contact: Jon Patch 813 888 5043 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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