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 The Sports Circus brings a quirky blend of unusual variety to sports talk radio. The goal is to differentiate and entertain while getting the listening audience involved. That goes for the casual listener, community leaders, business owners, educators, students, student-athletes, sports enthusiasts and many others from ages 14 and up.

The Sports Circus has a very large audience and is aired over NBC Sports Radio plus iHeartRadio! Also, we are active on social media so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. The Sports Circus is also aired on Facebook Live. Listeners and viewers of the show interact with us during every show!

The Sports Circus turns on a dime and you never know what's going to happen or who is going to be on the show! This is a quote that you will hear during most every show from the Ringmaster Sal: "Its live folks... anything can happen."

The Sports Circus features championship hosts, featured guests, and student-athletes in various featured segments.

 Your Host and Ringmaster is a decorated C-level sports and entertainment executive with decades of on and off the field experience. Sal is your host and Ringmaster for The Sports Circus.

His sports background is highlighted by servicing as Chief Financial Officer and Board Member for a notable baseball scouting and recruiting organization in addition to serving  as  Chief Operating Officer and Board Member for state-of-the-art football, basketball, and hockey coaching/play simulation technology utilized in all levels of both sports.

In the telecast world, Sal has spent measurable time on both sides of the camera; as a Show Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, Director, and Host for a successful sports talk show covering all four major sports. In the music industry, Sal has also served as Manager, Creative Producer, and guided Rock and Roll Hall of Fame caliber talent. Sal's academic background includes a B.A. from Purdue University, an M.B.A. from
Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, and also a proud graduate of the Loyola University Chicago, School of Law.

Sal is closely connected to championship caliber and Hall of Fame NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL players, coaches, and executives. Some are close friends while others are ongoing, business partners. Many of which have guided Sal’s sports and entertainment career path through the ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, NBC Sports Radio, SB Nation Radio, and iHeartRADIO airwaves, plus Oceanic, Spectrum, and Time Warner Cable.

As a former baseball player, Sal performed on many pitching mounds in front of home and hostile, away-game audiences. His array of in-depth sports knowledge is impressive and rivals most any on-air senior sports analyst today. Sal bring a unique perspective of intimate, on-the-field experience coupled with advanced business knowledge to dissect the inter-workings of in-game managerial and situational decisions, trades, waivers, financial, public relations, and front office moves.

Sal brought highly credible sports information and viewpoint to the ESPN/Angels Radio airwaves on a nationally-syndicated show as an on-air personality, and Associate Producer. Currently, his expanded his sports analytics are aired across North America via Fox Sports Radio, NBC Sports Radio, SB Nation Radio affiliates plus Time Warner Cable and iHeartRADIO!


Lenny Adkins, Co-host and "Voice of the People"

There’s no GPS to follow Lenny’s train of thinking.  A man of deep sports knowledge, controversy and quick humor. With multiple character voices, engaging personality, and the true pulse of what “The People Think” in the sports world, Lenny brings a unique type of sports entertainment that’s all his own! “The People Have Spoken!

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For more info contact: Kevin Burgess 224 307 8166 | Monday through Friday 8:00 pm Eastern 7:00 pm Central
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